Tips for Last Minute| Budget Friendly New Years Eve Party

Party and entertain, New Years Eve Party, Last minute party, Champagne, New Years Eve, NYESo you have decided to a host a New Years Eve Party but you think it might be too late and it might cost too much.   It is never too late to plan a New Years Eve gathering! I have put together successful parties (that people are still raving about) in three days… it is especially easy with the digital world we live in. Here are some quick and easy tips for throwing an exciting and glamorous New Years Eve Party on a budget.

  1. Go now and buy the least expensive champagne or sparkling wine for the Midnight toast. It doesn’t matter if you buy too much.  Most store will allow you to return unopened bottles, or you can save what you didn’t open to use at future parties or give them as gifts later in the year. Here is a little secret for taking the bitter taste from inexpensive wine, add a drop of vanilla to each flute before you pour the champagne.
  2. Let your Party start after the dinner hours… usually 9 Pm… after all this is a NEW YEARS EVE party… the fun begins when the ball drops at midnight. You also will not be expected to serve dinner.
  3. Get all your paper goods (plates, napkins, cups) at the Dollar Tree.  These generally end up in the trash anyway. If you want a color a scheme choose a color of napkins, plates, table cloth, that you can use throughout the year at other parties.
  4. Buy your toasting flutes… use either plastic or if you think you are going to have parties in the future buy some inexpensive flutes, wine goblets and clear glasses at Dollar Tree  or Old Time Pottery.
  5. Everyone loves a party hat and some kind of noise makers… they like to take them home for their kids, also.  If you have time order them from Oriental Trading Company or Rhode Island Novelty.  If you decided at the last minute take a trip to your local Dollar Tree.
  6. Refreshments do not have to be elaborate.  Nuts, pretzels, chips, dips, different vegetable snacks, different types of salsa, mini cupcakes (bought at the store), brownies,  a bowl of fresh fruit.  Buy most of you food already baked and made ready to eat.  You can add your own touches with edible glitter, sprinkles, and garnishments. Buy the goodies at your local store bring them home and start icing and dipping in the glam sparkles! Presentation is everything! Most of your guests will ask if they can bring something… don’t be shy, say, “Yes” then tell them what to bring.
  7. Make an inexpensive sangria… white or red.  When you are making a punch or sangria do not use expensive wine… you could even buy sangria in a bottle and add some your own brandy, fruit, and clove.
  8. You will need soft drinks, water, and ice.  If you have an ice maker, and if you have time, make and bag your own ice ahead of time… like a week ahead.  If you forget to make it, then make a quick trip to the nearest bagged ice place. Oh, and don’t forget to put on a fresh pot of coffee just before midnight.
  9. Now gwt busy and invite some friends… you can call, email, Facebook, or mail invitations.  Try to keep track of how many people are coming in order to know how much of everything you will need.
  10. Relax and enjoy.  This celebration is to be enjoyed by everyone including you.

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