Spike a watermelon!

Recipes for watermelon?  No matter how you slice, dice, or spike your watermelon, summer time is the time to do it! Watermelon seems to be a hit at every summer gathering. 

Today I am sharing my recipe for Spiked Watermelon.  It is for the adults in your life and who enjoy a little liquor with their watermelon.  Come on share some of your favorite watermelon recipes with me at party@PARTYandENTERTAIN.com.  I will be anxiously awaiting your recipes!!

When I was in my early 20’s this is how I learned to “plug” or “spike” a watermelon.

1. Cut a round hole about the size of a liquor bottle opening into the watermelon (not seedless).  You can trace around the bottle cap to get the right size. Be gentle so you don’t crack the watermelon. Save the “plug”, you are going to put it back in the melon.

2. Poke holes into the watermelon with an ice pick or a skewer large enough to accommodate a plastic straw. These holes help the pouring process allowing air escape and alcohol to enter… plus you can later insert individual straws for drinking.

3. Remove the “plug” with a corkscrew or a skewer.  Be careful not to push the “plug” into the watermelon.

4. Carefully and gently put the opening of the liquor bottle into the plug. It may take up to an hour for the bottle to empty into the watermelon. Use you own discretion as too how much alcohol you want your guests to enjoy. I used Southen Comfort  or Captain Morgan, but any liquor will do just fine.  There are many flavored Vodkas on the market so you might want to get a little wild and crazy with those!!

5. Put the “plug” back into the melon.  Place the melon, “plug” hole up, into the fridge.  I suggest chilling it in the refrigerator for a least a couple hours.

You are now ready to remove from the refrigerator and serve.  To serve you can either cut up the watermelon and let people eat the pieces, punch holes in the watermelon, insert straws and drink up like we did in the 70’s, or ball the melon and serve the balls.

Hope you have success sharing your watermelon at your next summer gathering.  Share your party and entertaining ideas at party@partyandentertain.com.

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