I’m having a Valentine’s Day Party

I am going to have a Valentine Party.  I have decided who will be invited. Valentine, lips, kiss, love, hearts, heart, red hot, red lips, Valentines Day, party, entertain  It will be an after dinner party. Decorations will be mostly red with some black accents.  The refreshments will be sweet, quick and easy.  I believe champagne will fit the bill for this evening festivities.  Nothing is more romantic than a little bubbly. I need to remember the ice for the ice bucket.  valentines day, heart, love, red, black, 12Knowing what to wear is very important so I still have to go through my closet and pick something soft, sexy, and comfortable.

Oh, I almost forgot I need to find some nice, soft music.  I’m sure there is something on Pandora that will set the mood for the evening.

strawberries,  Valentines Day, valentine, heart, love, kisses, red lips, red, invitation, party, entertain


Well, it’s time to do the invitations… Oh no, I am sorry you are not invited.  I have only one invitation and it is going to my true love of 45 years, Golly.

How do you celebrate with your true love on Valentine’s Day?

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