Easy Cupcakes Full of Easter Flowers

How many times have you been invited to a party and you were asked to bring something?  If you are like me it happens all the time.  I really don’t mind taking something it’s just that I am not always in the mood to cook or bake before I go to a party.  What do people usually ask you to bring?  Are you noted for a special recipe or dish?

Well, here is something that everyone will love and it is my answer to every party.  Cupcakes!  No, I don’t mean the kind you buy at your local grocery store. I mean the kind you can bake and decorate yourself.  When you agree to bring something to a party, please, please, please, don’t bring something you just went to the store and bought.

I always have a couple boxes of cake mix in my pantry.  So I am pretty well set when it comes to baking a cake, cupcakes or cookies. 

A couple years ago, Amy at MomsToolbox, introduced me these wonderful silicon cupcake cups.  The cups I use are made by Wilton.  You can buy these at Michaels and other craft stores.  They can be used over and over for many occasions!

I have a friend that always invites us to her Easter Party.  This year is no exception.  I decided to take… you guessed it… cupcakes!  Not just any cupcakes but bright Spring flower Easter cupcakes!

I prepared the cake mix, filled the colorful silicon cups and baked as the directions told me.  After they cooled, I iced them with icing made from confectioner sugar.  You know the kind where you add milk and a bit of flavoring (your choice) to the confectioner sugar.  If you like you can go crazy and add food coloring to the icing!  I always have lots of icing leftover because I don’t measure and I have a hard time getting the correct consistency.  Lucky for me I’m the one that gets to lick the bowl!

You can use all kinds of decorations.  For these cupcakes I used some silk flowers I had been saving.  I am not sure why I was saving them.  So I just started pulling them apart and cutting them.  Then I arranged the flowers on top of each cupcake.  They looked very festive and Spring-like. They kind of reminded me of an Easter basket full of flowers.

When I arrived sat my friend’s party and walked in the door you can’t even imagine the response from all of her guests!After eating a wonderful Easter dinner everyone headed for the flower cupcakes! Good thing I licked the bowl because there weren’t any Easter cupcakes left over.  Guess they were a hit!

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