Tips to get ‘em mixing and mingling.


How many parties have you gone to where people cluster with their friends?  How many parties have you gone to where people sit in a chair and don’t mingle?  Even the best planned parties can become “sitters”.

Here are a few tips to get people to move and mingle.

  • Introduce your guests. Involve them in a conversation.  Then excuse yourself.
  • Play a few “easy” but involved games.
  • Arrange food and beverages is different locations.
  • Make the name tags a game (Guess Who?).
  • Don’t line up chairs and don’t have enough chairs for everyone to sit down.

When planning a party you want your guests to mingle and meet new people plan a few “easy” games.  Easy and fun is always a crowd pleaser.  Go back to when you were a kid, what games did you like to play?  You probably liked the one that didn’t need much skill but where there still was a winner.  Some that come to mind are:

Most people go to parties to see old friends and meet new ones.  It is helpful if the hostess encourages meeting new people.  So when you host your next gathering be sure to:

  • Get out there and mingle with your guests. 
  • Put people together that have similar interests like pets, children, or sports. 
  • Get your guests to engage in conversation.

Try these few tips at your next social gathering… people will want to come back to your next party.

How do you get your guests to mingle?


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