The Party is for Fat Tuesday. Do you party or entertain on Fat Tuesday?


 How are you celebrating Fat Tuesday?  I was just on Facebook and visited Home Grown Chic before realizing today is Fat Tuesday.  Kelly of Home Grown Chic decorated her home for Fat Tuesday.  What is that all about? I have never actually celebrated Fat Tuesday let alone decorate but I’m thinking I must be in the minority.  People are getting a little wild and crazy out there.  I’m not sure I understand the whole idea of the party thing.  Seems to me it should be more of a religious celebration since it is the beginning of the fasting season of Lent.

   Lots of my friends head to New Orleans to be entertained and party on Fat Tuesday.  They don’t just go for a day… some of them stay a whole week!    I don’t think they are going for the pancakes which was the practice of Christians using up their eggs, milk and butter which was forbidden during Lent. They are being entertained the modern way with parades, beads, bands, whiskey, and music!  Mardi gras in New Orleans is the party of parties!

Universal Studios also has a Mardi gras celebration that started on February 11, 2012 and goes until April 14th.  So if you want to party on go to Universal where the entertainment is endless… and maybe a little less raunchy!

However you party on Fat Tuesday I hope you do it responsibly!

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  • Kelly says:

    Now that you mention it, pancakes sound delicious! And would have made more sense because I’m given up bread starting tomorrow – not jambalaya…

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