Suddenly everyone is Irish


There is really not need to have a St. Patrick’s Day Party at your home.  This is the day to go meet new people and experience the friendliness of the Irish. Today almost every restaurant and bar has turned Irish to celebrate. Most Irish pubs are going to be packed with everyone that is Irish and those that are Irish wannabe’s. Be rest assured they are going to be drinking green beer and eating lots of corned beef and cabbage… it’s just the thing to do.

If it is good corned beef and cabbage you are looking for I have a little secret I want to share… shhhh, now just listen to this… I have heard that Cracker Barrel has the best corned beef and cabbage!  Yep, you heard it right, Cracker Barrel!

If you are looking for the full Irish experience and not just Irish food then you will want to head out to an authentic Irish pub to get the real green beer!  Go ahead and Google it. Go put some green on. Get out there and enjoy the Irish in ya!  Drink responsibly and eat all you can.


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