Set the mood with your invitation

While I was addressing my Christmas cards it gave me the opportunity to make a guest list for the “Late Christmas Party”.

Now I need to make a decision about the invitation.  You must send invitations.  Invitations are the first impression of your party.  It sets the mood and gives vital information to your party guests.

Here are some choices for invitations

  • Make your own using your computer
  • Buy ready-made at the store
  • Send an Evite
  • Email
  • Send an “Event” on Facebook

I have designed birthday cards, Christmas cards, anniversary and wedding invitations as well as graduation announcements so I will design these invites on the computer.  I don’t use a fancy expensive computer program for designing.  I just use MicroSoft Publisher or MicroSoft Word.  Plus, I am a huge garage sale fan so I have lots of paper stock here at home.  No trip to Office Depot or Staples for me.

I have received invitations that have omitted the time of the event! How many times have you received an incomplete invitation?  Here are the items you need to include on your invitation

  • Occasion
  • Host/Hostess
  • Date
  • Time
  • Address where party is being held
  • Dress Code if needed
  • RSVP with your phone number and email address

Proof read your invite and make sure everything is correct then have someone else proof read it before you send them.

I am now going to design my “Late Christmas Party” invitation.  I will show you later.  By the way what do you think is the most popular method of sending an invitation?

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