Need a Valentine’s Day Surprise? Find the rice crispies!

Oh my gosh… it’s Valentine’s Day and, of course, again, I have not gone out and bought the love of my life a Valentine’s Day card or anything to express my love.  Being the thoughtful man I married, he had 2, not one, but two heartfelt cards waiting in the kitchen for me.  He put one by the coffee pot and one on top of my laptop.  Did I feel quilty?  Maybe a little but not for very long!

One year, long ago, I was also caught in the “Oops, I forgot him again.” mode.  But  I was much thinner and could bend over a copy machine.  I found myself stuck in our office and couldn’t think of how to make DH a Valentine card… then I saw the copy machine.  The brain started working and the creative juices were put in gear.  While everyone was at lunch I immediately unbuttoned the front of my top, leaned over the copy machine, and pressed my chest with it’s lacey bra onto the glass and hit “Copy”.  BEAUTIFUL!   What man can resist a picture of lace covered breasts?  Not mine!  He still has that homemade card in his personal drawer.

Well, since I don’t have a copy machine and I’m not quite as thin as I was back then… I quickly ran to the pantry and found my box of Rice Crispies!  No, I didn’t eat them for breakfast, silly!  I proceeded to make a batch of rice crispie treats.  I added all the red food coloring that I could find in my pantry, to the mix then plopped it onto some aluminum foil and created the best red heart possible.  After I molded (so to speak) the heart, I found a tray.  I put my heart on that tray, found some wine glasses and a bottle of wine then marched right into our bedroom.  I made the bed… didn’t have time to do that earlier.  Then I arranged the bed with my heart on a tray and the wine…  Hope he likes it!

What was your Valentine Surprise?

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