Pick your Christmas Party date| Ten Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Time for the ambiance, glitz, glitter, glamor, and good cheer! We have just entered the busiest party time of the year.   For some reason, we don’t just celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day.  We celebrate Christmas during the entire month of December!  So if you are planning a party you need to pick your date now.  Although any day is a perfect day for a gathering or a party, keep in mind, Friday and Saturday nights are the most popular nights to have a party especially in December!  Of course, you can still choose a Friday or Saturday night but party competition will be heavy depending on who you are inviting.  This might be a time when you want to consider another day to entertain your friends. Think of other options for this year’s Christmas entertainment.  How about a Christmas Brunch after church?  For your girlfriends, maybe, have High Tea which is, generally, held in the afternoon.

Five inspiring ideas for your next Christmas Party

  1. Ugly Winter Sweater.   Have your guests wear their ugliest, funniest, most outrageous Christmas sweater.  Time for your friends to hit their closet, their Mom’s closet, Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any local Thrift Store.  Go and shop for the cheesiest Christmas or Winter themed sweater. Of course all your guests will vote for the WORST (best) sweater attending.
  2. Cookie Exchange.  Everyone brings 2 dozen homemade cookies in a decorated container.  Guests will privately vote for the best cookie and the best decorated container.  Ask your guests to print their cookie recipe on a card to be given to all your guests.  There is nothing worse than finding a cookie you absolutely love and then not knowing how to make it at home!
  3. Decorate my Tree.  Ask your friends to bring a ornament that represents them.  Everyone will hang their ornament on your tree.   Every year when you trim your tree you will remember them.  As a party favor give them an ornament for their tree.
  4. After Christmas Party.  Don’t have time for a before Christmas party? Well, no problem.  Have one anytime after December 25th.  Last year I had an “Oops, I forgot Christmas Party”. I had all my guests a gift they received for Christmas that they wanted to re-gift. I had everyone bring their re-gift wrapped and ready for re-giving.  Why have your friends keep those unwanted gifts all year, wondering who you can give it to?
  5. Christmas PJ Party. You got it… your guests come in their Winter/Christmas PJ’s, nightgowns, and nightshirts.  Really you can’t get more casual and laid back than PJ’s.  The pictures you take of your friends in their PJ’s will be treasured for years to come.

These are just a few of  hundreds of ideas for a fun Christmas party.  I am sure you have had or been to some Holiday parties that were pretty darn special.  Come on share some of the best (different) themed Christmas parties you have attended.

Remember no matter what your theme… you must pick your date now.

Next you need to make your guest list.  Making a guest list is not as easy as it sounds.  We will giving you guest list tips next.

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