Party Tip # 1 Get Organized

Bar, beverage, drinks, Glass and stemware, party, entertainSo you want to host your first party.  Just go ahead and invite some people over to your house… that is called a party.   I think having a party with friends is the best ever! Most people don’t host parties because they think that it’s too difficult and takes up too much time.  Not true!  Oh, but you might want to do more than just look at each oget organized, party tips, party, entertainther.  This is where the organizing and lists come into play.  I hosted my first party when I was a teenager.  I wasn’t organized.   For some reason I figured I needed to make a party outline that contained everything I needed to have for my party.  I didn’t have a home large enough, but I knew I wanted to get a few friends together for a party.   Since my house didn’t have enough space to accomodate all my friends I asked my Aunt if I could use her basement.  She said yes.   I went to the next thing on my list, who to invite.  I proceeded to go down my list marking off things and adding things to  the list.  The day of the party came.  list, guests, organize, invite, invitation list, party, entertainI was organized and confident which made hosting my first party easy.  My refreshments were very simple, sodas to drink, potato chips with dip.. just what every teenager (back in the 60’s) loved to munch.  We only played one game … spin-the-bottle, another hit with most everyone!  We all had such a fun time… even the boys!  I have found out grown ups are not that much harder to please when it comes to parties.  So there is no reason to hesitate entertaining your friends.

My tip #1 is to be organized.  Not crazy organized to where it will interfere with having a good time.  Make your lists and check the items off that list as they are accomplished.

No matter how prepared you think you are something will not go as planned.  A seasoned hostess will do not spend the night apologizing. If you don’t point out the mistake most people won’t even notice.  Things will go wrong. You will forget something.  Don’t ruin the party for your guests.  Just smile and keep on going.  A prepared hostess is ready to mingle with guests and have fun.

Make your list and check it twice.  Parties are for relaxing and having a good time.  Tell me about your first entertaining experience.

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