Late Christmas Party??? You betcha!

Well, it’s a New Year and I’m going to start it off on the  right foot.  I am going to have that Christmas  Party I meant to have in December!

First, I need to choose the date. I was thinking January 25th  would be very appropriate, but a friend at the New Year’s Eve party last night  pointed out that January 25, 2012 was on a Wednesday. Not a good night to throw  a party.  So I am going to have it on  Friday, January 27th… I’m sure that won’t be a conflict with the  Super Bowl Party I might have or go to.

Here is a brief list of what I now need to do:

  • Make my guest list… a combination of old and new
    friends in my life.
  • Design or buy invitations
  • Address, stamp, seal and mail invitation…

Yes, I know there is more planning to do before this “Late  Christmas Party” begins, but first I need to finish addressing my Christmas  card, stamp, seal and send.

So what parties do you have planned for 2012?



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