Gotta go potty? Down the hall and to the right…

If you have people over to your house sooner or later they are going to have to “Go potty”.  We have a standard cookie cutter guest bath with a toilet, a pedestal sink and an oblong mirror.  Very boring and absolutely no counter space. We are on a budget so I don’t want to spend lots of money fixing it up… plus I might find a super deal on a decorator sink and cabinet at a garage sale!

Years ago I had a similar dilemma in our daughter’s bathroom.  It had this horrible wallpaper so we tore that off and cleaned the walls.  We never got around to finding new wallpaper, so I put a basket full of colored markers on back of the toilet.  People soon caught on to the idea of signing the wall.  People really enjoyed this idea plus they always had something new to read.

Well, I have decided to recreate a similar idea in our downstairs guest bath.  I called in my artist friend to add a “frame” around my very boring oblong mirror.  She shut herself in this tiny bathroom for about 2 hours and when she came out  we had the beginnings of a new bathroom!  I took a little half table that we found at a garage sale and spray painted it a flat black.  We then went around the house and found some black decorative items to help pull the theme together.  The walls are painted a glossy yellow so black markers will be the perfect pen.  Now all we had to do was wait for the final touches.

Before our guests arrived to our “Oops it’s a Late Christmas Party”, I put a black marker in the guest bath, and the fun began!  People were standing in line, not to “go potty”, but to sign the walls!  The party and the bathroom were a huge success.



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