Indiana Jones is the concept for this birthday party

Boys and Birthdays.  I was fortunate enough to have one son but when it came to having a birthday party for him I always had a hard time coming up with a unique birthday idea.  Today, it seems there are all kinds of ideas out there for boy parties! Everything from Pirates to Princes!

I found this great idea for an Indian Jones Party  over at Momstoolbox.  If you look at this party it is actually many parties in one.   It is chockfull of ideas from the birthday cake to the party favors.   You could use the whole Indian Jones concept as created by Amy at Moms Toolbox or you could use certain segments… like the toilet paper and Mummy making or how about the snake pit?  Who can find the most snakes?   This boy’s birthday party was a huge success and I bet all the children left happy.

Wish we would have had the internet 40 years ago!  And Indiana Jones!  And, oh yes, the Dollar Tree!!!

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