5 steps to a Halloween Pumpkin Keg or Punch Bowl

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What a great idea for your Fall party!  Whether you enjoy pumpkin ale, homebrew,  apple cider, or champagne this Pumpkin keg idea will be an added attraction at your next party! Tap a pumpkin. Spike a pumpkin.  A punchbowl pumpkin!  Whatever you call it it will be a hit! A hollowed out pumpkin can be a container for all kinds of drinks and foods. Is your mind working now?  I think I can see the wheels turning inside your head.  Want to share your thoughts and ideas?  We would love to hear them!

I so love  DIY repurpose projects and this is  one of the greatest DIY ideas for a Halloween party or any Fall gathering.  And this is all you need…

Use your knife to cut off the top of the Pumpkin.

Cut the hole at an angle so the lid will not fall back into the pumpkin, but make the hole large enough so you can get you hand inside.  Set aside the lid.

Clean out all the seeds and pulp.  Make it as pulp and seed free as possible.

Halloween, pumpkin, keg, beer, punch, drinks, party and entertainOutside near the bottom of the pumpkin make a mark where you are going to put the “tap” otherwise known as a faucet.  Make sure you do not cut the tap hole larger than the faucet (it will leak if you do).  After you have cut the hole, carefully, screw in the faucet.

Now that you have cleaned and prepared your pumpkin keg you are now ready to fill your  pumpkin with a Fall beverage.  I have filled mine with apple cider wassail, but you could just use apple cider.  If you want an alcoholic punch add some Captain Morgan or any spiced alcoholic beverage. For the beer lovers in the group you could fill it with an autumn ale.

To use as a punch bowl just make the hole at the top larger, fill with your favorite Fall punch. Don’t forget the ladle.

Here’s a little tip… If you want to keep the drink cool put ice in a ziplock bag. Try to get as much air out of the bag as possible. Before you add the drink put the sealed ice baggy inside pumpkin. This will keep the liquid cool but will not dilute the mix.

Now you can put the lid back on the top and get ready for your party.  Your guests will be amazed when they see your Pumpkin Keg!  Oh, and another neat thing… they can serve themselves!

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